Saturday, October 10, 2015

Domestic life in Seven Quick Takes

Can you post your 7 Quick Takes a day after the fact? We shall find out...

- 1 -
Today (as in coming up in the next 2 hours) the spitfire will be taking her first ever Swim Class! I'm not going to lie.. I'm a little bit nervous about how it's going to go. She has spent pretty much her whole life avoiding water... bathtimes (up until only very recently) were torturous for all involved. But her auntie said that *she* would take the little one into the pool, so I was all up for that - except today Auntie is off celebrating her wedding anniversary. Pfft. Whatever, Auntie. Go party while we go scream in the pool. Oh. Wait. I mean Swim. Swim in the pool. (Prayers please)

- 2 -
Shh, kitty... I have 20 minutes before the husband expects me home...
Does anyone else feel like they have to "steal" time to themselves? Yesterday's tutoring session ended a half-hour early, so instead of heading home I sneakily (gleefully) headed off to the local coffee shop and indulged in my new favorite drink: the iced matcha latte. I love the green color. (And, if I'm being honest, I kinda like the looks I get when I pick up my drink... most people's faces seem to be saying "What the what? Why is your drink GREEN?" Their faces may or may not also be saying, "Don't you know this is a Coffee Drinking Establishment?" To which I mentally reply that it's really more a Caffeine Drinking Establishment and I like my caffeine green as the leaf it came from. Thank you very much. *SLURP*)

- 3 -
According to all the signs outside said Coffee Drinking Establishments, it is (apparently) Fall! And if the coffee shops weren't telling me as much, then the Trader Joe's flyer was. I counted at least 4 full pages of pumpkin-laced products (including Pumpkin Trader Joe's O's???) in their latest flyer! I like my pumpkin, but maybe we're going a bit too far?  Personally I'd like to see the persimmon make some headway into the Fall Foodie Fray. I saw a recipe for chocolate persimmon muffins that sounds pretty glorious to me...

- 4 -
The little dude is 8 months old and pulling himself to standing!! I can't handle this. The spitfire didn't even attempt this til 10 months and then it was another 3 before she started walking (and she never did the "cruising" thing). This guy is out to blow all her records away and walk himself right off a cliff (ahem... I mean the front steps, which may as well be a cliff considering what it does to my heart when I think about it.) (More prayers please)

- 5 -
While we're talking about the little dude... we just applied for his UK passport and this was the picture we sent in...

Isn't he the cutest? And for fun here's his sister when she received her passport...

(Also, notice how she's *sitting*... gosh that was a beautiful thing. A baby. SITTING. Little dude doesn't know the meaning of these words)

- 6 -
I don't usually keep 2 books going at once, but in addition to the book I mentioned last week, I am also reading Wearing God by Lauren Winner. I just finished the chapter on our "God who smells" and it is truly fascinating. Winner goes through the Old and New Testaments gleaning out all the references to smells and smelling and explores what it means to say that we have a God who smells (both the action of smelling and also the act of emitting a smell).  I fell in love with this author when she released her first book "Girl Meets God" where she chronicled her experience of converting to Christianity from Orthodox Judaism. She is a Biblical scholar in the best way because of her life-journey and so I highly recommend any of her books to you.

- 7 -
Well, I'm running out of time... gotta go put the little dude down for his nap and the spitfire into a swimsuit. But before I go, the bonus question this week was/is, "How many 7QTs have you posted?" So, counting this one that would make.... 2! (Rawkin' it :) ) Weekend domestic life at its best. Head on over to This Ain't the Lyceum for more 7QT!

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