Friday, February 26, 2016

The Spitfire Goes to Preschool

Well, in August of this year. Maybe. I'm still a bit on the fence about it. But after receiving a professional's "strong recommendation" the hubs and I are looking into options for our wee girl.

As I was telling my sister-in-law - we are both amazed at just how much it all is...

First, the cost. This wasn't as much of a surprise to me as it was to my husband, who comes from the land of 1-year maternity leave, health care for all, affordable college, oh and FREE preschool. (Why do we live here again? #kiddingnotkidding ) But once I actually sat down to look at the numbers for just 2 half-days a week... wow. Anywhere from $190 to $365 a month. The $190 looked particularly awesome until I read...
"Many parents sign their children up shortly after birth, so planning ahead is advised."
Seriously?! Forget that people. Moving on.

We've now found a few that we're willing to apply for - and again - I'm surprised by some of the things being asked for: 4 emergency contacts? Personal statements? Copies of baptism certificate? (Yeesh. Good thing I kept that one!) Why do I feel like I'm applying for college all over again?  Oh, and a "snapshot of your child".  Well, at least this should be easy enough to complete...

"Ok honey... come stand over here. I'm going to take a quick picture of you."

"Look at the camera honey."

"Ok. Now can you smile please?"

"Honey. You need to look at the camera."

"Look at the CAMERA." 

"Open your eyes please"

"PLEASE. Just open your eyes, look at me and SMILE."

"Ok. Great. Thanks honey. That'll do just fine."

*sigh* Oh, preschool... August can't come soon enough. ;)

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