Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Lint-y Lent - My Sunday Best - 02

Has this happened to you? I was listening to a podcast earlier this week and I almost had to stop it midway because I was going crazy hearing the podcaster say "Lent". Not because she was overusing the word (I mean, it was an episode about Lent after all) but because she was saying it like "lint."

"Lint is coming!"

Well, turns out the joke is on me because MSB left me absolutely covered in the stuff - so really the podcaster was right after all. I should have listened (and been prepared with a roller/brush).

Poncho: from my mom, Jeans: from Target

In other Mass-related news, today's kid antics were sufficiently blush-inducing. I had almost hoped that having my parents in town would help make mass attendance better, but I quickly learned after Ash Wednesday's service that having Grammy and Poppy next to my children doesn't help them behave much better at all. Alas. So anyway, I went into Mass today with normal expectations. And things were going normally until the little dude started his requests for "boo time" (nursing time). He's not asked for this for a LOOOONG time, but he did it on Wednesday and it made Poppy laugh, so I think he was trying it again for the reaction. But when it didn't work, he went over to my husband, climbed up into his lap and then told the people behind us, "Mommy has boobies and I have boobies!"

Oh child. Glad you're learning anatomy.

Not to be outdone, the wee girl also wanted her chance in the spotlight and she timed it for Communion.

"Mommy, I want one of the breads that's round and has a cross in it that Fr. Ron gives."
"Oh, yes, you want that? It is very special. That's the bread that Fr Ron asks God to change into the Body of Christ. You need to prepare yourself for that, and we prepare ourselves by taking a class. So once you take the class you can have Communion with us. But until then, remember, Fr. Ron also gives you special blessed bread after Communion."
"But Mommy I want the round one with the cross on it."
"Honey, it's special and you have to prepare yourself. Come on. It's time to go up."

So of course, she goes up and receives a blessing from Father but then when I turned to go, I didn't notice that she stayed in front of him. Waiting for the bread. That, of course, he wasn't going to give her. So I grabbed her hand and pulled her away at which point she threw herself down on the floor and started crying.

Oh my sweet girl. Bless your heart (really. Not like in that patronizing way.)

Friends, what would you have said in that situation? Anything you would add? (Or not say? I need that too). I don't know that she fully understands what's going on, but she obviously is paying attention and since this is actually the second week that she has said this, I don't think it's an issue that's going to go away - not that I really want it to, but I do at least want to help her understand better.

In any case, all was made right when she got both a mini-bagel and a pizza from our favorite fast food place afterwards. (It doesn't take much when you're a 4-year old I guess.)

Sharing a strawberry milkshake with Dad probably helps too.

There's more good stuff happening over at Rosie's! And if you got any pointers for next week, lemme know!


  1. No pointers. I think you handled it "boo"tifully. (Get it? Heh?) :)

    Our almost 4yo gets angry at not being able to receive, so we just tell him that he can...when he's seven. He still gets mad, so I'm not sure it's effective, but at least he knows the reality of "yes, but not now."

    Glad you survived! :)

    1. Ha! You got a bootiful sense of humor Alicia :)
      Maybe the short but sweet answer is best? If it comes up again next week, I'll try yours!

  2. Yeah, telling John Paul he had to wait until he was 7 was the only thing that worked for us, too. There were definitely masses when he had to be dragged back to the pew because he had thrown himself to the floor in anguish! And when he was 4 or so he tried to trick the priest by saying, "I'm 7!!!" and opening his mouth wide... Didn't work, thankfully 😂

    1. Oops! I totally read that John Paul tried to kick the priest... Which actually happened at my parent's parish once... Another reason we should pray for our priests,I guess! :D

  3. I have always told my son he can have Communion when he, "is a little bit older," and have not ruled out giving him a set number. Thankfully, I think this issue isn't as tough for us because his dad doesn't receive Communion (my husband isn't Catholic). That said, I would also do a reminder the day before (or the morning of) Mass, and just simply say, "Now, remember, at Communion time, we all go up to receive our blessing. Once you've taken the class when you are [insert 6 or 7, depending on your parish], you will get to have Jesus, too. Until then, you get to have your very own special blessing!"

    May all of our children want to receive Jesus as much as your darling daughter!

    And, it must be the week to try nursing in Mass - my daughter requested it throughout Mass yesterday, too... even though she wasn't hungry. I'm just waiting for her to give an anatomy lesson to everyone around us, when she's more verbal...! Ha!

    1. Oh I hope your daughter will be much more circumspect when she gets more verbal! I'm trying to just chalk it up to "boyish impness"
      So I guess the consensus is to just tell her when she's older she can have it! (Watch, now she won't say a word about it again)

  4. Oh the joys of breastfeeding a kid that can talk! I think you did brilliantly. I'd just keep up a practice of chatting about it before each Mass and hope for the best. :)