Sunday, June 25, 2017

Do Not Be Afraid - My Sunday Best - 06

I should be packing things up right now, but the lure of blogging is stronger than my desire to be responsible. This is always the hardest part of any trip for me. Well, to be honest, packing *for* the trip is harder than just packing back up to go home, but either way the act of packing reminds my body that change is on the way. And *that* is the hard part: forcing my body to change its environment and routine. (And again, let's be honest, forcing my body to get on a plane. I haven't quite reached the point where drugs are necessary to get me through a plane trip - and I hope I never reach that point! - but we've considered it more times than I care to admit.)

Just me in my pregnancy-standard Mass outfit, Saint Margaret
 of Scotland and a wee little photo-bomber.
Which is why, upon reflection, today's Gospel and homily were more timely than I first considered. " not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." (Matt 10:31) God cares for us more than we let ourselves believe sometimes - and Jesus reminds me of this often.  Because of God's love my fear is truly unfounded. But what I find odd though, is that in this gospel reading he basically says, "Look. If you *are* going to be scared, at least be scared of the right thing. Let's get our priorities straight here. Don't fear people who can just kill your body. Fear the one who can kill your body AND soul." I need this no holds barred kind of talk sometimes (especially when I'm about to get on a plane.) And just in case I missed it in the gospel and the homily, the priest also said it as his parting remark as I was shaking his hand and leaving. "Do not be afraid!" All I could say in response, was "Yes, Father!" But Father was African, and I think the way they say it around here is more entertaining/endearing:

The Scottish equivalent of "Keep Calm and Carry On"?
So yes, we're getting ready to go home... I'm sure you won't mind then letting me take this opportunity to dump some photos of our trip on you (and should you want to skip this part and head back to Rosie's for her My Sunday Best, then go ahead and click away. I won't hold it against you ;) )

See you back State-side!


  1. So sad that your trip is almost over! Getting back into a routine is so tough after vacation... I hope the trip back and the adjustment go well!

    1. Thank you Rosie! Well, I can say we made it back! (Whew!) Let's see how we adjust... 😊

  2. I have loved seeing your pictures from Scotland! Did you notice any differences between mass in Scotland and mass in the US? Ireland sometimes surprised me with singing the Alleluia in Gaelic. Just because. Thankfully it's a "repeat after me" kind of situation.

    1. Thank you Kirby! Mass wasn't really different at all... Except for two things: when we prayed for the church's intentions their call and response was "Lord hear us... Lord graciously hear us" (which sounded rather pushy to me, until I wrote it down just now), and then the cadence of their prayers/creeds kept throwing me off (I'd pause when they kept going, or go when they paused), and of course I felt like my A-mens stuck out like a sore thumb amongst their Ah-mens. I would have liked the Gaelic! But in Scotland Gaelic is really just limited to the Hebrides and it's not really trying to be revived elsewhere (like Welsh is in Wales, or Gaelic in Ireland too). Maybe if we had been farther North? Next trip! 😊