Monday, April 20, 2015

Day One

Lately there's a song on the radio that has really been working its way around my head and heart. The artist sings about how he wishes his life was... different. Yet, he recognizes that just wishing is not going to get him anywhere.  "I gotta do something. Here goes nothing!"

This is my Day One. I've talked a lot (to my husband mostly, and ad nauseum) of needing a change in almost every area of my life - spiritual, relational, creative, civic, diet, health - pretty much everywhere (except fitness... so far there's nothing moving me there to, uh, move me).

That's where this blog comes in... You see, I've watched "Julie and Julia" many times, so I know how this goes. (What? This movie has a lot of wisdom in it! (that, and butter)).  The jumping off point - that place where Julie really changes - is when she commits to her two-fold goal of cooking every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook AND blogging about it. (There's the tie-in, in case you were wondering.)

I could make all the changes and do all the things in and for my family by myself and for myself.  Sure, I could.  But I think and I hope that more permanent, lasting change will come if I somehow commit to writing it down. Processing it. And opening myself up to the public eye. Thus, this blog.

At the moment, I have no firm schedules in mind and no "rules".  I'm still formulating my goals. This is my "gotta do something. Here goes nothing!"  Wish me luck.

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