Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Library Love for November 8th

Technically this is our haul from last week, but what with my father-in-law coming into town and our wee girl turning 4, and... blah blah blah. Excuses. I know. It's all good stuff!

In some exciting news, we've traded in Maisy for...
...a whole 'nuther series! (I can see my little girl becoming a series-a-holic when she learns how to read on her own). The first two books in the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa early readers are really quite good. The author and illustrator capture the comical nature of a horse, and it's delightful to read. The rest of the series is more of the same, but since same here == quite good, it's not really an issue.

In November - This and the next two books we got off the Picture Books for November list from Read Aloud Revival - I've got to say, that girl's got good taste. In November has been a wonderful book to read at bedtime and it captures the warmth of the season perfectly (even though we never get snow here!). It's beautiful to look at too... plus I learned that bees can/do burrow into the ground during winter! I had no idea.

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie - This one is hilarious! I read it in the library before we even got home and I was just cracking up at the pictures. When the Old Lady swallows the squash... bwahahaha! Plus I get to read/sing this book, and I always enjoy throwing a song in whenever possible. Highly recommended.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving - Can't say much about this yet because we haven't read it. I'm sure we will though, cause who can resist that moose on the cover? Not my moose loving sister - so maybe I'll get her to read it to the kiddos. (Hi, moose-loving sister!)

The Enneagram Made Easy - This one is for me. Ever since I heard Leigh Kramer talk about it on the Simple Show (look for #6 with Leigh Kramer) I've been wanting to learn more. A good friend of mine actually used to host little "Enneagram" parties - to find out who you are, and who your friends/family are - and she had Richard Rohr's book (the one mentioned in the podcast). But when I borrowed it from her, it looked a bit overwhelming. So I'm starting here instead since it was also recommended.

What books have you checked out lately that you love? Will you let me know in the comments? Or maybe join the Library Love link-up with Alicia and share with all of us! Looking forward to hearing about your new favorites... :)

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