Monday, January 23, 2017

Things that broke while my hubs was gone - a 7QT

It is a truth universally acknowledged that as soon as your husband goes on a business trip, things will break. Particularly the things that he would have taken care of if he were there, though really, anything is up for grabs (and could possibly include that last thread tethering you to reality... OK, maybe I'm exaggerating on that one. But MAN it felt like a loooong week.) I am so glad he is home, safe and sound... if only to deal with all the things that fell apart this last week:

- 1 -

This Craptabulous Thing
It's in the sink because if it doesn't roll, then maybe it might float? (Keep this idea in mind...) The little dude picked this up from the dentist for being "such a good sport." HA! We all know he screamed at the top of his lungs, and then when the dentist was done, promptly sat up and whimpered "Go home now... go home..." Poor lil guy. But anyway, this thing broke and even though it only has 4 parts I can't figure out how to put it back together and keep the wheels free moving. Where's that guy with the engineering degree again? Oh yeah. On a business trip.

- 2 -
The roof
Yeah, somewhere up in the roof water is getting through and seeping into the wee girl's room. Now to be fair, this was broke *before* the hubs left. But of course the rain would have to come while he's gone, right? (She says melodramatically)

- 3 -

A few children's books
And yeah... I didn't remember/catch the leak until it caused a fair amount of water damage to the books below. Damage to books just makes me cry...

- 4 -
A coffee mug
...As does damage to anything that can hold my source of caffeine for the day. Fortunately the mug that broke wasn't my favorite "Offer It Up" mug - although saying that, if it had been that mug wouldn't that have been a little ironic?

- 5 -

The Nook tablet
OY. I have let my daughter read books on the Nook during the little dude's naptime for well over a year now - and when Daddy is on his trips, then she gets to use it twice in one day so I can also put the lil dude down for bedtime. But on Tuesday she got curious and decided to do an experiment: which things will float in a sink full of water, and which things will sink? Well, surprise, the Nook... floats! When it's in its chunky foam cover, that is. But floating still did not prevent the water from seeping into all the holes and buttons and well, everything.

YouTube to the rescue! I figured out how to use a cookie spatula to pry open the case and pull the battery out; then all the pieces sat in a tray of rice in the oven for the rest of the week. And glory be! When I put it all back together and powered it on it worked. The screen looks like it has some water spots, but it seems to be working just fine... I'm actually writing this post on the Nook right now - all praise to God for YouTube and not letting it get damaged beyond repair. (And I guess the silver lining of this was that I had been having a bit of mommy guilt about the amount of screen time the wee girl was getting - and well, breaking the screen is probably the easiest way to make her give it up cold turkey.  Now shhh... don't tell her that it's working again, OK?)

- 6 -
My ego
Many others have pointed this out before, but motherhood really can act like a mirror, showing you all the flaws in your heart that you would rather pretend aren't there. And for me, not having my guy there to help out on the rough nights, or run interference during dinner prep, caused my fuse to burn short pretty quick. There was much apologizing and forgiveness seeking by all parties this week. God's grace abounds in such circumstances though, and when a little voice says, "Mommy boo-ful" even though I just lost my temper and apologized a moment earlier... well, all I can say is, Thanks be to God.

- 7 -
The small stuff
Crayons, pencils, apps on my phone, eggs, I broke a nail, etc... Oh. And even though it didn't break, the wall now has multiple indentations in it from where the little dude took to it with a can opener. Eh. Whatcha gonna do? It's all inconsequential. And as they say, "Don't sweat the petty things. And don't pet the sweaty things."
The end.

How was your week? Hope everything at your place stayed in one piece!
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