Saturday, January 9, 2016

Home Again, Home Again... (7QT)

Jiggety jig.

Happy new year! And welcome back to life at home (for us)! Today we celebrated "2nd Christmas" with pancakes and Michael Buble and opening gifts from Grandad and our UK aunties and uncles.  I loved every minute and I also couldn't stop smiling at the irony of it all. Which is to say, after nearly a year of trying to observe the liturgical calendar, here we are telling our daughter that it's "second Christmas" well after Christmastide is done. Oh well... she's 3 right? She won't remember a thing.

Other ironies: the liturgical new year began with Advent - but I can't bring myself to plan for it until the calendar new year. Maybe that's just because I didn't get The Carrots for Michaelmas cookbook until after Christmas. Or maybe it's because I also just got a lovely little new notebook for 2nd Christmas that I can do all my planning in. Either way, I'm going to take Haley's advice and only really try to plan for 2 feast days a month. (As well as the major seasons of Lent and Advent... that's do-able, right?)

So what did we get for second Christmas, you ask? Well, I guess Santa must have heard me complaining about how I can't use the computer in the office because the baby is there, so he sent us a new all-in-one computer that is now sitting in our living room. It's gi-nor-mous! But it only has one cord! So, really, it's like a very large laptop. That can't be moved. (Until the baby moves. Out of the office, that is.)

While I miss my family dearly, I would have to say that the best part of being home has been... being home. Not getting home, mind you... (because as super cute as Little Dude is, he is definitely *no* fun to be with on a plane)
This was the happiest moment of our trip home... for both him and me!
I've enjoyed the cleaning, cooking and shopping (to do the cooking and cleaning...). I guess it's because I had such a wonderful break from doing it that I enjoy getting back into those things. In any case, thanks Mom and Dad!

I've read a few posts now from bloggers who are planning their "reads for 2016" but none have impressed me so much as this one: Modern Mrs Darcy's Reading Challenge 2016
The one challenge that really moves me right now is the "book that intimidates you" because, hands down, there is only one that fits that bill: Kirsten Lavransdatter. Honestly, it feels like the Catholic-mommy-blogosphere has blown up with it. And at 1168 pages, I can think of nothing more intimidating in a book. My own personal challenge this year is to read 12 books, so maybe I will use the challenge list above to guide me (future post, forth coming?)...

I mentioned earlier that my word for 2016 was LEARN. Well, I had that put to the test this week when I attended my first ever Paint Nite with my sisters and mom.
Look at us go! :)
Oh man, what an exercise in humility! I have never painted (beyond kindergarten fingerpaints) in my life and it was *so* intimidating to put that brush on the canvas! I must admit, the wine here was helpful in getting me over myself. But I did also have to whisper "Let go and learn. Learn." to myself a few times.
The finished product!
 As I mentioned to Paul later, "I think it looks better in the dark." But that's just my misplaced pride speaking. :)  I had fun! And I loved being with these lovely women, who I'm so blessed to call my family.

Ah, I always get to #7 and seem to peter out. Well, get your full seven of 7QT at Kelly's This 
Ain't the Lyceum (and check out her new website spread!)

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