Friday, March 18, 2016

Slow Changes for a Seven Quick Takes

- 1 -
When I first met my husband, we corresponded back and forth by email. Back then all his emails had the postscript: "Change is inevitable, except from vending machines." And hasn't that just been the truth. These last few weeks I've definitely felt the tides shifting, all these little changes that are adding up into signs of bigger things. For instance, the little girl is using her potty more and more. I can almost see the finish line ahead - no more diapers! (for her at least)
Now if we can just get her to stop wearing undies on her head...
- 2 -
And the little dude has been sleeping better. Still up at night... maybe once... maybe twice - but I realized yesterday that it hasn't been a 3-or-4-times-a-night kind of night for a while now. That realization totally took me by surprise because the funny thing is, even though I've been waking up less, I'm feeling just as tired (and sometimes, more so) than when I was getting up more often. Someone with more education/experience will need to tell me why this is so - because it just doesn't make sense to me.

- 3 -
The little dude is also walking better! One of the ladies in the Lenten devotional group that's been meeting at my house commented, "He's walking just like me!" So, I guess it's less "drunken sailor" and more "elderly with a knee replacement"? That's progress, right?

- 4 -
The devotional group has been a wonderful place of encouragement for me too. I told the ladies recently, "I really hope you've found this to be worth your time!" because it's not like any other group I've been a part of, or done.  There is no strict "Bible study" that we are doing... I just knew I needed some women to process this devotional with - and I'm really encouraged by what we're doing together, so I hope they are too!

- 5 -
I also feel like I'm getting a grip on this "liturgical living" thing... which is to say I'm doing less "2 days in advance" planning, and more "1 week ahead" planning. (Except when it came to covering the crosses in our house in purple. That happened 2 days after Passion Sunday. Don't tell the Pope!) I guess until feast days and solemnities become actual traditions in our house, this is the best one can expect.
Credit to Catholic All Year for the prayer-print & the info about draping crosses in purple.
- 6 -
The St Patrick's day tea party (also √† la Catholic All Year - gosh, where would I be without her?) was a lot of fun, me thinks! 5 girls and one little dude all running around... except when they were making crafts...

eating food...
What? You don't serve your kids raw potatoes with your Irish soda bread?
or watching the movie about St Patrick! I got some nice chat time in with my friends too. For dinner that night, we had colcannon and sausages (aka "bangers and mash" - though mash is usually just mashed potatoes), and the obligatory Guinness.  Lovely day!

- 7 -
That just leaves St Joseph's day, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and, hold on, I think I'm forgetting one... oh yes, EASTER! Definitely looking forward to that one. Don't be surprised if you don't hear anything from me until then.

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