Friday, May 27, 2016

Keeping on, keeping on... (a Seven Quick Takes)

This post starts out lighthearted, then gets kinda deep, then ends on a few light notes again. A journey, if you will... we just keep on keeping on...

- 1 -

I've had a lot of deep thoughts over on the FB this week... Lesson #1

(The results are similar and both benefit from use of a wet-vac.)

Lesson #2:

(Oh the *smell*!)

#3: Many folks understand that summer is nigh when the weather starts to get hot... me? I judge it by whether school is out...

Judging from my replies to this post though, I guess there could be some debate on this way of reckoning time?

- 2 -

This blog recently turned 1 year old and I've begun to do some re-thinking: namely, should I keep this up? Has it fulfilled its purpose? Do I need to revamp its "mission statement" and keep it going? I don't know what the typical lifespan of a blog is, so I can't be sure, but is this like a mid-life crisis of a blog/blogger?

I don't really want to stop (so I guess that's reason enough to keep going) but I do want posts with purpose... so is my purpose giving friends and family a deeper look into our daily (faith) life? Is it posting all the weird/great stuff I'm learning about Catholicism? Is it about giving my fingers (and brain) something else to do besides picking up duplos for the umpteenth time? Is it all of the above? I don't have an answer yet - I'm just throwing these thoughts out into the wide world of the web. We'll see what comes...

- 3 -

Happy Memorial Day weekend (for those readers in the US of A)! This weekend celebrates both this holiday and the Holy day of Corpus Christi. I have no idea how to celebrate Corpus Christi here at home, but I read a post by Michele Chronister on Corpus Christi and the Mystical Body of Christ that gave me some food for thought. It's not nearly as deep/theological/academic as the title would suggest. It's more about family and love and loss and is actually quite touching.

- 4 -

Also filed under love, loss, Memorial day, and "quite touching," is this piece on Fr Emil Kapaun. What an amazing man of courage! It reminds me of the verse from Hebrews 11: "the world was not worthy of [him]." Truly worth reading. Truly.

- 5 -

This past weekend I attended a mothering blessing.

We had a lovely time making flower crowns, eating delicious food (mostly vegan, as the mom-to-be is vegan - but there was some faboolous brie there too!), and sharing words of blessing. I brought a poem from Carl Sandburg that I don't think is about being a mother - but gosh - it sure could be.
I love you for what you are, but I love you yet more for what you are going to be. I love you not so much for your realities as for your ideals. I pray for your desires that they may be great, rather than for your satisfactions, which may be so hazardously little. A satisfied flower is one whose petals are about to fall. The most beautiful rose is one hardly more than a bud wherein the pangs and ecstasies of desire are working for a larger and finer growth. Not always shall you be what you are now. You are going forward toward something great. I am on the way with you and therefore I love you.
Love you and baby too!
- 6 -

I've got a climber on my hands. If he can get a knee up, he's on it. And where the knee fails, his chin/mouth somehow seems to help (see as evidence, the small puddle on the platform of the slide):

 - 7 -

It's all good though, because I've got a reader on my hands too...
C.S. Lewis.  #raisingthemright
And that's the view from here! See more school-year-end reflections (as I call them! ha!) over at This Ain't the Lyceum.

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